Value-Based Health Care

In addition to providing affordable and accessible care, the quality of care for the patient is of great importance. Both are necessary to realise the maximum value of care for the patient. Together with health insurers Menzis and CZ (together accounting for 50% of the insured in the Netherlands), i2i carried out a number of Value-Based Health Care trajectories. In these trajectories, the focus was on the value of the care, whereby the participating institutions learn from each other.

Benchmark reports focused on quality

With Value-Based Health Care trajectories the value of care is increased by concrete improvements in quality and/or costs. This is supported by a continuous measurement and improvement cycle. This is done by providing insight into quality and cost drivers based on benchmark reports for the participating health care providers. i2i analyses a specific treatment, for example hip replacement. i2i combines the claims data from the health insurers and public quality data, creating a complete picture of the delivered value of the care. We use measurable quality indicators such as: how often is a patient seen at the outpatient clinic, how many days of hospitalisation are there, how much physiotherapy is needed after treatment? i2i analyses how the hospital is doing in this area, compared to other hospitals.

Intervision meetings

We then invite various health care professionals (department heads, specialists, policy makers) to discuss where the differences in the analyses come from during intervision meetings. They also exchange knowledge and examples. How can a hospital improve itself? How can complications be prevented? What could improve with regard to the collaboration with primary care?