Fair Care Partnership

 Hospitals can enter into a Fair Care Partnership with us. This partnership consists of an extensive and continuous benchmark analysis per specialism, an improvement plan and ultimately a certificate. The i2i model identifies health care providers with excellent quality and cost effectiveness, and those who have a quality and cost improvement potential.

How does it work? We perform continuous analysis of all data submitted by our partner hospitals and payors for improvement areas. i2i uses (anonymised) claims data to map which care hospitals provide and how they bill for this care. Because we use existing data, there is no additional registration burden for the hospitals. Taking into account the different populations hospitals serve as well as the types of care they provide, we create benchmarks. These benchmarks allow us to compare hospitals and specialties and discover potential irregularities and inefficiencies in both quality and cost. Read more about case studies in the Netherlands

Improvement plan and monitoring

After making the benchmark analysis, i2i will discuss possible explanations for the differences with the health care provider. We also discuss opportunities for improvement to eliminate unnecessary spending and enable the optimal distribution of funds within the health care ecosystem. Our Consultants have extensive knowledge of the health care industry, health care claims and our data analyses; they can provide tools for concrete improvements. The hospital uses this input to draw up an improvement plan, i2i helps to monitor the improvements further.


When the health care provider has achieved the goals (for example, reducing the number of inpatient treatments or the number of invasive treatments) from the improvement plan, they receive a certificate. This shows stakeholders (the health insurer, the Dutch Health Care Authority, and perhaps also patients) that a health care institution works efficiently. Certified Fair Care Partners obtain preferred provider status with enrolled payors.

Independent, trusted third party

Within this ecosystem, i2i is an independent, trusted third party. We share the data and analyses that come from the Fair Care Partnership only with the health care providers, not with the health care insurer.