Who we are

At i2i, or ‘Intelligence to Integrity’, we love to take on the intellectual challenge to tackle cost control in health care while maintaining quality. We do this in creative, innovative ways with a close-knit team of 40 Data Scientists, Consultants and Datawarehouse Developers.

We work together with our team to realise the mission of i2i, to promote fair care. In other words, helping to realise the greatest possible value of care with the available resources.

Achieving fair care is a complex interplay of many opinions and many interests. Parties such as hospitals, patients, health insurers, physicians, politicians and the premium payer do not always have aligned interests. Yet everyone is in favour of good care, and everyone is against waste. This is exactly what i2i represents.

To make it valuable for everyone to continuously strive for improvement and to contribute to fair care, it is important that good behaviour is visible and rewarded.

i2i has realised these fundamentals in the Fair Care Partnership. This has created an infrastructure and ecosystem together with health care institutions and health care insurers in which work can be done on increasingly affordable and accessible care based on well-founded trust.

Since 2010, health care institutions and health care insurers have proven that this way of working makes a lasting contribution to good healthcare in the Netherlands without wasting scarce resources. And at a time of growing demand for care, that is good news.

Facts and figures

  • We monitor around 15 billion euros in annual health care costs in the Netherlands
  • 2 large Dutch health insurers (together accounting for 50% of Dutch policyholders) promote the Fair Care Partnership. They give health care providers better procurement conditions
  • 30 hospitals participate in the Fair Care Partnership
  • 500 specialists currently participate in the Fair Care Partnership
  • 80 institutions participate in our Value-Based Health Care programs
  • For the Mental health institutions we collaborated in a Value-Based Health Care trajectory in the field of ‘Anxiety and Depression’
  • In Suriname we work together with the Stichting Staatsziekenfonds to improve the health care system
  • 40 people work at i2i, who are all motivated to promote fair care
  • We have been doing this since 2010