What we do

Our mission: affordable and accessible health care

The mission of i2i is to promote fair care; to eliminate unnecessary spending and enable an optimal distribution of funds within the health care ecosystem. This keeps health care affordable and accessible. We work with health care providers and payors to ensure that (public) funds are spent productively and efficiently. i2i does this through the Fair Care Partnership and Value-Based Health Care trajectories. We use data to map out how hospitals and mental health care institutions are doing compared to other health care institutions. Read more about the Dutch Health Care System

How? The hospitals that enter into a Fair Care Partnership with i2i gain insight into how affordable and accessible their care is. i2i makes a benchmark analysis that compares hospitals with their peers. Based on about two hundred indicators, we investigate and compare the affordability, accessibility and quality of care and treatments. The benchmark analysis shows what the focus areas are per specialism in a hospital.

And then? Next, we discuss the differences arising from the benchmark analysis. If necessary, the health care providers will draw up an improvement plan together with us. This improvement plan is part of the Fair Care Partnership. For example, patients may be treated more often in clinical settings for certain procedures, while other hospitals on average more often provide outpatient treatment. Curious about more examples? Read more about case studies in the Netherlands

Thanks to the Fair Care Partnership, health care institutions can conclude a more favourable contract with health insurers and save costs. We are an independent, integral party in this ecosystem. We only share the data from our analyses with the health care providers, and not with the health insurer.